Hi Cupcakers…..

This weeks choice for Track of the week has been influenced by what TV I’ve been watching to keep myself amused during these very strange times we currently find ourselves in.

The track I’ve selected is Crockett’s Theme by Jan Hammer from the TV series Miami Vice . I came across re-runs of the classic 80s Crime drama on the obscure channel ‘Forces TV’ and have been religiously watching episodes on a daily basis. Miami Vice is probably one of the most stylish TV shows ever and drew heavily on the New Wave culture of the 1980s, particularly the fashion and music of that era. Jan Hammer created a whole soundtrack of music for the show including the iconic Title Theme as well as many other notable Synth-pop tunes. Crockett’s Theme named after the main protagonist James ‘Sonny’ Crockett played by Don Johnson is probably even more well known than the opening title tune. It charted at number 2 in the UK charts back in 1987 and a few years later in the early 90s was featured in a series of adverts for Nat West Bank.

It’s a classic chilled out synth instrumental with summery vibes, perfect to listen to as you kick back with a cold beer on your yacht in the docks of Miami with your pet alligator.

Paul 🙂